V3663L: Now available

Hi all!

So you might have noticed that “Small Moons” is no more, and V3663L [ vessel ] has taken its place.

Well, that is because I am changing the name of the studio to what will fit the studio’s new darker, sci-fi direction.

[ no action is required ]

I hope you like this because I sure do!

Anyway, that’s all the news about that, feel free to explore our new website, please subscribe to our channels, etc.!

This is a good time to give you all a quick development update as well:

I am about two months away from finishing Magic of Spring!

After its launch, I will be returning to Light of the Locked World for a few months and launch that one as well!

After Light of the Locked World, I will be working on Legion of Eternity, a dark sci-fi card game with loot!

Once that is wrapped up, I will embark on my most ambitious project yet, a loot shoot ‘em up, a spiritual successor to Sector Six: PERFECT SHRAPNEL ZERO!

So, yeah, the future is bright, hope to see you all then!


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